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Saturday, December 23, 2006

branching out = done

Here's Branching out blocked out:

Here's it in the box!

Yaay! I got something else done! On time even! It blocked really well :) This was my first chance to use my new blocking wires, and I love them.

Now if I can just get Bristow done. I blocked the back and front pieces tonight, but have yet to make the sleeves. So at least I can sew those bits together. Mom could end up unwrapping a sleeveless sweater on Christmas.

And finally: Go chek out today's Google logo! There are two kangaroos knitting! I have no idea why this is the logo, but it makes me very happy!

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Jill @ Cornell said...

Wow Suser! Didn't know you had a blog :) I love the present! It is soooooo cool! Though, I am afraid to wear it b/c I might ruin it. Have fun at the Grammy's this weekend! I am so jealous!