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Friday, December 15, 2006

Movin' Out.... big honkin' post.

Time to pack things up to head back home to Auburn tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to sorting through all the crap that's piled up on my floor and shoving things into bags and boxes, which will then be stuffed into my soccer mom van.

Packing might not be so bad if I didn't have to pack for both the cold winter of Central New York and the heat of the Bahamas (vacationing there with Scott's family after Christmas). Oh....and if I didn't have to stuff my two chinchillas and one snake plus their cages into the car...with the addition of a friend's snake I'm sitting. Oh and I need to decide what I want to knit over break. I.e. what to take from my stash, what WIPs to take, etc. This could get interesting.....

/whining...maybe.....who am I kidding? I never stop whining.

Anyway...on the knitting front. I've picked up a few more projects as Christmas gifts.

Here we have some Cascade 220 with which to make MancalaMia for my lovely sister Lori:

And here is a half finished (small) satchel (Cascade 220 as well) for Lori's husband Brian:

I may buy more yarn to make a second satchel and give one to Brian, and one to my other sister Jill's husband, Tim. Following? Yeah, I thought not.

Anyway, I finally finished the left front of Bristow. You can see the mistake I made on the first cable a lot more clearly in this picture. And I finally got a shot that does justice to the color! Wooo! Still trying to decide what to do with the first two cables on the other side before I cast that side on.

Oh and I re-started the scarf for Scott's father in Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Grande (I convinced Scott). Not very far on that though....

Think I can finish all that before Christmas?
It'll take a miracle.

P.s. Sorry for the weird picture-ness....blogger is being cranky :/

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