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Friday, December 8, 2006

Back from oblivion

Wow! Busy week.
I only have one major paper and one final left now. Then I'm free to knit! I've managed to get a little of the front of Bristow done amongst the stress...that's what breaks are for!

So here's the progress on that:

Believe it or not this is my first time doing cables. Surprisingly easy, they are.

If you look closely you can see how I messed up the first cable...ooops!! I'm thinking about repeating the mistake on the other side? suggestions? Should I just do the other side normal and hope no one notices? I'm not frogging back to there.....

OHHHH!!!!! I almost died of excitement when I saw the new Knitty today!!!!!!!!

AAHHH!!! I want to make this and this and thisss and....well you get the point. Emily and I had a little screeming session in the service center looking at the new patterns. We were very excited.

I think Sheldon will be my first project from the new issue. So cute!

Tonight Scott, Omar and I went to "Skate with the Big Red"
Fun stuff :)

Me and Topher Scott :)
No...I'm not tall....he's just that short...


Anonymous said...

Knit the skate covers for Topher!

Newman said...

Hehe...that wouldn't be creepy of me at all.... :p