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Monday, January 1, 2007

Christmas, Bahamas, the good life

Sorry to drop of the face of the Earth like that. I left for the Bahamas the morning after Christmas, so I didn't have time to catalogue Christmas or anything.

I ended up wrapping up Bristow sleeveless for my mom. I stayed up really late sewing together the pieces I had - I got two hours of sleep...uggh. She liked it anyway, and now I can work on the sleeves in front of her, and not just late at night.

I didn't get one single knitting related gift from my family for Christmas. Oh well. I got some late presents from Scott and his family when we got back from the Bahamas though! Scott gave me the Harlot's Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much. And his parents gave me a huuuge bag o' yarn which included some Schaefer yarn, Noro, Blue Sky, and I can't remember what else. I had to leave most of it in New Jersey so that I could fly back to Syracuse without checking anything (and thus avoiding huge lines). I'll have it all soon enough, they're going to send it up to me :)

Now: Bahamas! It was a nice trip. Very warm :) This was my first time seeing blue tropical waters. SOOOO nice! The water was really warm. It was nice to be able to relax someplace nice and warm with Scott and his family. I started Icarus on the plane down. Got a modest amount done on the plane rides and while sunning by the pool.

Since I got back this afternoon I've finished the scarf for Scott's dad. Seen here with everyone's favorite angrycat! This is Zingo. He has 25 toes and a temper worse than my own (and that's saying something). He was in a particularly good mood, and thus let me put the scarf right on him. Hehe :)

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