Knitting my way through life

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another knitting lull

Why haven't I been knitting?

This is why:

The Solar Decathlon. Solar powered houses designed and built by university students. It doesn't get much cooler. I'm on the communication subteam for the Cornell team.


The house is up and running on the Mall in D.C. We've been running tours since Friday morning. I lead tours through our (awesome) house. I was there all this past weekend. I've come back to Ithaca for a short stint, but I'm heading back down to D.C. to give more tours and help see us through the end of the competition on Wednesday.

I led over 100 tours this past weekend. I'm amazed I still have a voice. I'm psyched to go back down for more. :)

In terms of knitting:

The teaser picture at the end of my last entry? That was the sleeves of Bristow. I finished them, blocked them and sewed them together and onto the body of the sweater just in time to frantically put the sweater in a gift bag to give to my mom for her birthday. This means that I don't have a picture of the finished Bristow :( I'll try to get my mom to model it for me the next time I see her.