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Monday, November 27, 2006

Rant: Cotton -or- "Who doesn't love alpaca?"

What are the warmest fibers?
Animal fibers.

What have I just started knitting a scarf out of?

Why am I doing this?
Because I'm a weakling, perhaps?

I'm knitting a scarf for Scott's Dad for Hanukkah. So I had Scott pick out the yarn. That's all fine. But Scott for God-knows-why somehow has it in his head that every type of animal fiber is itchy. (Not true, Scott! NOT TRUE!) So he picked out Blue Sky Alpaca's Cotton. It's a nice yarn, I love Blue Sky yarns. But...why cotton...for a winter scarf???!

I mean...come on... Who doesn't love alpaca!?

Besides...there's just something about cotton yarn that just feels yucky to me. Not what I want running through my fingers somehow.

*sigh*'s the scarf so far anyway....

I think I'll go shove my head in a pile of alpaca yarn now....


Bronwyn said...

Cotton can be warm!! At least he didn't ask for Red Heart Super Saver. Hahaha

Newman said...

hahaha..very good point :)

I think I've convinced him now to let me use alpaca though :p