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Friday, November 17, 2006

The coming weekend

I'm about to head over to Lynah Rink to get on a bus to head up to Rhode Island and Boston for an intense weekend of hockey with the Cornell Women's Club Team. We're playing four games this weekend (Rhode Island Panthers, U of Rhode Island, Harvard, and MIT). Hopefully I won't die.

But the good news about the trip knit-wise is six hours each way of free time on the bus...for knitting! Granted, I've promised myself I'd also do some homework and nap during this time as well, but I'm actually going to have time where I won't feel guilty for just sitting around knitting!

I've packed the branching out I just started in Rowan kidsilk night in pink. (No, I don't like's going to be a gift.) And I packed the second sock in the pair that I promised my mother. The first sock was finished this summer, and this poor sock has been sitting around with a measly three rows of a cuff for..well..months.... Damned Second Sock Syndrome. At least it got cast on at all.

Hopefully I won't break any fingers this weekend...I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't at least knit ^_^

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Scott said...

Oh we know you like pink!