Knitting my way through life

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Past projects #3-who knows

After this things get a little fuzzy. I can't remember what I knit when and I can't remember everything I knit.

I know I did Bubby and I did Pasha. There were some hats in there for Scott. I did some fingerless gloves for my brother-in law. I started some armwarmers that ar burried and neglected in my stash somewhere.

I started my first lace project during this time. It's a scarf that still has yet to be finished. I'll get around to it some day, right?

I know I did more things, but it's hard to remember until what I did this past summer. Soooo, we'll just mumble this all up as what-the-heck-happened-spring-semester 06? and I'll move to what happend this past summer in the next few posts.