Knitting my way through life

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where has the Newman gone?

Let's see...since the last time I actually remembered to update this thing....

I got a new computer. (A wonderful MacBook :) )

I graduated from Cornell.

I moved to the Adirondacks where I have a job as an interpretive naturalist at a museum.

And I knit hardly anything worth mention. But I'll mention some anyway.

Here is a Katamari:

It's from the video game Katamari Damacy. Really awesome game, incredibly addictive, and you'd probably think it's weird.

I knit a purse, which is not yet finished. I had intended to finish it for graduation. Yeah...that worked well.

I started my Christmas knitting early. Super early. May early. I had good intentions to get my Christmas knitting done for Christmas. But my knitting has fallen short. And so my Christmas knitting only looks like this now:

And I knit and Obama hat. :) The "O" is duplicate stitched. I still need to add another row of four blue at the top and add a crocheted edging. But it's close.

Now I'm making a promise to myself that I won't let my knitting blog go so long without being updated. This also means that I am making a promise to myself to knit more...and knit things worth blogging about. We'll see how that works out. You guys should help by yelling at me if I start to suck at keeping my promise. :p

I think the hardest thing about living in the Adirondacks is the lack of a good knitting store close by.


Bronwyn said...

I think your blog post sent "read me" vibes my way cos I stumbled in just a few days after you made it.

Newman said... blog is magical!