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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas '07

Christmas has come and gone. Oh hey look! It's 2008 already! Yeah, probably time to post a Christmas knitting update, eh?

Firstly, remember that big green thing? Yeah, no way that was happening. So I focused myself on two pairs of socks. That's all. I know, I know, kind of a lame year for Christmas knitting. Deal with it. The socks were both made from Knitpicks Bare, Kool-Aid dyed. The first you saw in the previous post. The second was dyed with lots of grape and berry blue. The pink ones went to sister Jill, and the blue/purple to sister Lori. Both were knit using Knitty's universal toe-up formula. They were my first toe-up socks. And let me tell you, I'm in love with toe-up now.

Interestingly, I'd spent weeks hemming and hawing over trying to find a suitable non-wool sock yarn for Lori who is allergic to wool. I even knit a whole sock in Cascade fixation effect (which I do not recommend) and ended up frustrated with the finished product. When Lori got here, I shoved some Knitpicks Bare in her face and said "does it bother you?" didn't. I could have been knitting her socks with that the whole time. hrmph.

Anyway... They came out great, even though Lori only had a sock and a half on Christmas morning.

In other news. I finally have pictures of my mom with Bristow on! It looks aweosme, long sleeves and all. Mom switched the buttons to some bigger buttons which stay better, and they look really good.

And prehaps most excitingly I'm on Ravelry now!! Yay! The waiting time nearly killed me I was so excited to get on it. I can't stop just playing with things. It's so awesome. :)

I can't figure out how to get the button in my sidebar though. *idiot*


MHAithaca said...

Those are really cute socks! Happy new year. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hap-py New Year, Newman!

The socks and the Bristow (OMG, The Bristow) are fabulous. Color me impressed.

Glad you're on Rav now, we missed you :)

Anonymous said...

PS I love the toe-ups too. I've never done them any other way.

JC said...

I've only done toe-down, with great success. I'm going to have to try toe-up socks now.