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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sharing the love

It's study week! So I've actually gotten to a point where I have time to knit! I haven't done anything picture-worthy though. Mostly I've just been working on the sleeve of Mom's Christmas Bristow.


For those of you who wish to see my speech on the yarn addiction rehabilitation center, I have added a widget for you on the left. It's a filesharing widget. I've put in there both the Powerpoint presentation and the speech outline. Some things changed from the outline to when I actually did the speech, but you can get the basic drift from that.

Go ahead and download it and enjoy it. But please, don't use any of it without giving me some credit :)

Also, I assure you it was funnier when I actually presented it. Just imagine someone speaking very very seriously about yarn addiction as if it were akin to alcohol and drug addiction.

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judy said...

Yarn addiction rehab, way too funny. I think MHA was trying to stage an intervention when he posted the link as a comment to Maryland Sheep & Wool ;) And no I don't have a problem! :D