Knitting my way through life

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random yarn-related things

Not much on the knitting front. Just picked up the sleeve of Mom's Christmas sweater again. I swear that thing's never going to be finished.

However, I found this on someone else's knitting blog and felt like posting mine here. So here it is:

The only reason my vice is hitting the snooze button is because yarn wasn't a choice. :p

Oh! For my business and professional speaking class this past week I gave an "After Dinner speech" (funny) about the "Shetland Rehabilitation Center." What? You don't know what that is? Haha. My speech was on "yarn addiction" and trying to sell the Shetland Rehab. Center (totally made up) to friends and family of yarn addicts.

I was worried people wouldn't find it amusing. But it turns out that yarn addiction is a funny topic. I had everyone laughing. :)

Maybe I'll post the speech here later.


Bronwyn said...

POST IT!!!!!!! I wanna laugh toO!

Susan said...

Let me know when the Shetland Rehab Center is accepting new patients. I definitely need an intervention!!! lol