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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm not dead! Really!

No I didn't die. I just had a crazy summer. :)

First was the family vacation to Hawaii. This vacation saw much sunshine, snorkeling, beaches, volcanoes, i'iwis, and the birth of Hedera, with Knitpicks Gloss woodland sage(loooove this yarn).

Hedera enjoyed some beach time (here on a black sand beach) (OK, so....image coming soon, cause I forgot the cord to connect to my external hard drive. D'oh), with the family. And some funny looks from other beach visitors who thought it was quite odd to be taking pictures of yarn on a beach in Hawaii. Silly tourists. What do they know. The hawksbill sea turtles didn't care much.

After the Hawaii vacation I took a job with the Student Conservation Association at Mount Rainier National Park. I was the public information intern for the Mount Rainier Recovery Corps. Translation: I took lots of pictures of people working, did some work myself, and wrote about it for the public, donors, and grants.

Hedera and Icarus traveled with me to Rainier and lived under my cot in my tent for the summer. But they didn't get much time out unfortunately. I think I took Hedera out once.

Needless to say, I didn't get much knitting done this summer. Such a polar opposite from last summer where I was cooped up with my foot up for weeks and knitting was pretty much the only thing I did.

Also notable (very notable): My chinchillas had their very first kit in mid August. He's a healthy little bundle. We call him Ace.

I picked Hedera up again this afternoon after class. (Oh yeah..I'm a senior! Crazy!) I've just started on the heal flap. Pictures to come later.


Bronwyn said...

It's about time you came back!

amy beth said...

cute cute cuuuuute!