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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Knitblog neglect

Yeah...soooo...I've been neglecting my knitblogging and my knitting as well :(

It's a very sad thing in the life of a knitter when your classes get in the way of your knitting. In all seriousness I have only had enough time so far this semester to knit a few rows on a sock.

"That's not possible," I hear you say, "there is always time for knitting!" I would tend to agree. However, this semester is turning out to be fairly writing-intensive - and along with chinchillas, a boyfriend, and eating enough food and sleeping enough to stay alive -I'm finding my hands tied up for almost all of my time.

So the Newman Knits sadly will probably remain slow for the rest of the semester. I will try to write in it whenever I can.

I do have a couple things to share, though!

First of all I couldn't help but post this post from (a really awesome eco-blog) about green fabrics, including some yarns. Here.

Secondly, I now have a second little blog I'm nurturing along. It is a class project, but I hope for it to become much more than just a class project. I see a lot of potential in this new blog of mine. It is meant to be a place where Cornell (and Ithaca College) students can find things to do in Ithaca that involve going out into nature. I'm hoping it will also be used by area schoolkids and Ithacans. Each post will have a cool place, species, ecological event, etc. how to get there, how to find it, what to do, and the science behind it. There is not much there yet (really...pretty much nothing) but you canh op over and take a look. And hopefully you'll come back later when I start with the juicy stuff. Anyway...that would be.... here.

Enjoy :) And maybe I'll get some knitting done soon :p (I am hoping to make a center square before the cold disappears.)

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Scott said...

Efficiency = making the chinchillas knit for you...with their own fur