Knitting my way through life

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So my LYS had a sale on EVERYTHING! this past weekend so I couldn't resist. I went with my mother and probably bored her to death while I spent quite a long time hemming and hawing over which yarns I should get and how much I could afford. I ended up spending my gift certificate my aunt had gotten me for $21.21 for my 21st birthday...pluuuus just a bit (bit may not be the correct word here) more.

I only got

2 hanks of this absolutely luscious yarn: Eden from The Fibre Company.


Two balls of Plymouth's Suri Merino with which to make

Center Square!

I said I would make it. I said I'd do it before the cold disappeared, but the cold seems to have disappeared :( Not to worry! This being Central New York I'm sure it'll be snowing in a week :)

Anyhow, it was a quick and easy knit and I like how it turned out! It is a bit big on me, though. But I'll deal.

The end note to this is that hopefully this will get me back into the swing of things with my knitting. Especially with spring break coming up next week my knitting future looks bright.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your knitting future.

MHAithaca said...

Yay! Fresh yarn!