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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let the Christmas knitting begin!

And now comes the time of year when I can't really talk about anything I'm knitting....because it could be for you ;)

But now that Solar Decathlon is over and done with, I can start to get back on track with my knitting. After this past weekend's hockey games (we won a lot) in which I earned my battle scars including this:

and possibly a minor concussion (too stubborn to go to the doctor), I've got my Christmas knitting underway! I've started on it a little (a lot) later than I would have liked, but at least it got started at all.

I have just a tiny bit of this:

With a whole lot more where that came from:

And I'm eying these babies from my stash as some possible candidates for some smaller presents.

This is entirely overambitious and I would probably never be able to finish these projects by Christmas if I had the power to bend time. However, I am pressing on. This could get messy.

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CynicalGal said...

Fancy bruises! Hey concussions are no joke...but er docs don't generally do everything needed to make sure you are ok.

Happy Knitting...and take care of yourself. You don't have to be a hero (she-ro)...